The Apple Master Plan.

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Apple is behaving unusually. What are they really up to? Here's what I think. To see the "Samsung Master Plan":
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 20 dnevi
Really appreciate the love on this video - wow! To see the "Samsung Master Plan", check out this video:
Amit Thakur
Amit Thakur Pred 23 urami
Behind you there r lots of iphones can u please send me 1,🙄🙄i need in urgence😂😂😂plz
Tarun Pop star
Tarun Pop star Pred 6 dnevi
Shout out
Rohit Baratam
Rohit Baratam Pred 7 dnevi
Dude it became true.... Watched the event on sept 2020
It's me kermit
It's me kermit Pred 7 dnevi
@Unc1ePhi1 but they do lol, during their events they compared macos to windows, they compared their Bionic chips with Qualcomm ones, they compare ios to android and they just compared ipads to windows laptops, android tablets and Chromebooks in their recent event, not just in today's event but previous ones too.
Unc1ePhi1 Pred 7 dnevi
It's me kermit Having actually worked for Apple, I can tell you with absolute certainty that Apple does not compare their products with any other company. They leave that for customers and reviewers to do, because it’s part of the technology ecosystem. If you look up a guy named Simon Sinek, he tells a story in one of his talks where he commented to an Apple executive that his Zune music player (from Microsoft) was superior to what he felt the iPod experience was… The Apple exec simply responded with “I have no doubt.“ - and that was the end of the conversation. At Apple, we were encouraged to pay very little attention to what other companies are doing, because it ruins your own ability to create.
Steph S
Steph S Pred 5 urami
"End to end control."
Art Azhar
Art Azhar Pred 6 urami
@3:10 not until recently, Apple compares iPad's performance against Chromebook's. Is this the sign of Apple is recognizing their rival is catching up? or it is just a new marketing effort?
Nathan Spalding
Nathan Spalding Pred 6 urami
havard buksrud
havard buksrud Pred 16 urami
android left the chat apple joined the chat
Bleast PvP
Bleast PvP Pred 20 urami
Fun fact: If you are reading my comment you have eyes
SARTHAK GANDHI Pred 22 urami
13:20..ONE MORE THING!...It seems Arun has Almost got into Being Apple while making this video...
Md.Akramul Hossen
Md.Akramul Hossen Pred 22 urami
15 minutes of apple advertisement. My friend buys apple phones and only things he does is talking to people and using social media. He can't edit video nor he does any gaming or even using it for other useful services. While I do all these things with my android which I bought for 1/4 apple product. At the end of the day I get my job done. He doesn't.
Amit Thakur
Amit Thakur Pred 23 urami
Behind you there r lots of iphones can u please send me 1,🙄🙄i need in urgence😅😅😅plz
Attitude Adjustment
Attitude Adjustment Pred dnevom
I think apple is a Standard Bear for all Tech Companies
Demon Cloud
Demon Cloud Pred dnevom
Bad Apple !
Wesley Whiteside
Wesley Whiteside Pred dnevom
Apple compares their devices to Android and Windows all the time, they just don't do it as often as you think they would.
Diary Of a chronic Pain Sufferer
Diary Of a chronic Pain Sufferer Pred dnevom
Thanks excellent job
Springscare Pred dnevom
Macs' are the only problem. With a windows (the most popular and used computer os) computer you can upgrade different pieces... (GPU, CPU, RAM, etc.). You can't upgrade mac parts because they use their own chips and hardware, (not for everything).
MEMETIME BOI Pred dnevom
Exactly....what your saying is Apple is for dumb people that don't understand specs and want something expensive that works but being that every Apple laptop we have has a virus I would say things are definitely changing
dark bot
dark bot Pred dnevom
apple's master plan,what are the doing? answer;making iphones
Dacarot Mitra
Dacarot Mitra Pred 2 dnevi
He is a time Traveller. We all got the apple one news
Varun Pande
Varun Pande Pred 2 dnevi
Well, you got a new subscriber mate. 👍🏽
OʀᴇᴏDFʀ3ɴᴄʜ Pred 2 dnevi
lol i use iTunes but i don't even pay for it. i just download songs from the internet then import to iTunes then to your iPhone. Very simple.
Kevin Pranata
Kevin Pranata Pred 2 dnevi
apple doesnt need ads cuz thats what ijustine do.
Kevin Pranata
Kevin Pranata Pred 2 dnevi
apple isnt innovating anymore, they perfecting.
Sweet Marsh
Sweet Marsh Pred 2 dnevi
I love that apple is simple, but they are so simple i can't even plug a usb into my macbook
Frank Jay
Frank Jay Pred 2 dnevi
Thank you apple, just waiting for exynos free world...
51572909803 Pred 2 dnevi
Wow, I really appreciate the time you spent on this video. Thanks for for the effort you put in to this :) I really enjoyed it
Junaid Ahmed
Junaid Ahmed Pred 2 dnevi
Amazingly put together!! And wow you totally predicted this 2 months ago. genius.
VEM m Pred 2 dnevi
Would'nt be surprised if Apple branches of into other companies providing other products & services - Apple1inc, Apple 2 inc ... so on, being the most valuable tech giant they are they should diversify this coming decade.
L Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine predicting the future
Chaos Cuber
Chaos Cuber Pred 3 dnevi
3:59 the iPad is unlocked
Chaos Cuber
Chaos Cuber Pred 3 dnevi
I known the music of the huawei montage is from the yt audio library
Doublepump Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah apple tells me the possibilities Samsung tells me how their inbuild gps cpu x6749 v2 is very fast and i dont give a fuck
yasharmofidi Pred 3 dnevi
Almost all of ur predictions have come true, apple glasses pending but also looming
Kgamer404 Pred 3 dnevi
Bro this guy predicted Apple One
Anirban Podder
Anirban Podder Pred 3 dnevi
I just want an underdog company to come up with the best product at the cheapest rate and just humiliate Apple to a point that people see Apple as nothing more than garbage anymore. That day will make my life.
Juan Mora
Juan Mora Pred 3 dnevi
As long as they keep making great quality products I’m good with the persuasive marketing.
Doge Da dogo
Doge Da dogo Pred 3 dnevi
Wow he was right about Apple One
The Kismat Crestha
The Kismat Crestha Pred 3 dnevi
Huzaifa Khalid
Huzaifa Khalid Pred 3 dnevi
Aron predicted Apple One MONTHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSS before Apple actually launched it in the September 15th event
Calven Jose do Rosario
Calven Jose do Rosario Pred 3 dnevi
apple is the best
Monono David
Monono David Pred 3 dnevi
Honestly in between apple and Samsung which is better
Hydro Sheep
Hydro Sheep Pred dnevom
saisusanth V
saisusanth V Pred 3 dnevi
12:00 my heart stopped for a second
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