Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.

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Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 15 dnevi
For everyone who came within the first hour, here's a virtual cookie 🍪 To see the video all about Fake Reviews on SLpost: slpost.info/dev/qrGnpmSAm2fbsIc/video.html
Emmanuel Pred 14 dnevi
20h later, and I still get the cookie
アグスティンジェームス Pred 15 dnevi
Hi where did you order your Mi 11? Im skeptical in ordering it from ebay
Mari B.
Mari B. Pred 15 dnevi
Great video man, I like way how you do you videos and how you evaluate and compare things and that you take into account the diversity of markets 👍
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Pred 15 dnevi
Do you honestly not comprehend that xiaomi can sell phones so cheap because they are subsidized by the Chinese government?
Sensei GT
Sensei GT Pred 15 dnevi
HEY Aron why is rick roll on your TV 1
Francesco Tosi
Francesco Tosi Pred 12 minutami
Your videos are so complete, but most of all, style-rich! Thank you
ajayaplays Pred 2 urami
It kinda pisses me off that he complains about the app icon shapes but he talks about how he uses an iphone SO OFTEN! Makes me lose trust and shows bias
Endri Pred 3 urami
The game name is: REBEL RACING 🚗
C H E S A R E G Pred 4 urami
This is an absolute beast
Meowth, follower of Arceus
Meowth, follower of Arceus Pred 4 urami
3:22 rick roll at the back on the left
Adrian Ndung'u
Adrian Ndung'u Pred 4 urami
Never been rick rolled so subtly
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris Pred 4 urami
Logan Lawson
Logan Lawson Pred 4 urami
Toulouse Fourmis
Toulouse Fourmis Pred 5 urami
beautifull Camponotus at 3:09
Daniel Conkerton
Daniel Conkerton Pred 7 urami
I want this phone Realme and Xiaomi are really brining it to the market! Apple and Samsung are dropping the price of there handsets because of the cheaper competition
dariusdareme Pred 7 urami
3:44 What game is he playing? Looks awesome.
Hector Zhang
Hector Zhang Pred 9 urami
OMG I saw Jubliee campus!
Noob-A-Licious Piglet Gaming - NALPGaming
Noob-A-Licious Piglet Gaming - NALPGaming Pred 10 urami
Arun: *rick rolls us secretly* Me: Haha jokes on you I'm into that shit
Md Shaheen Khan
Md Shaheen Khan Pred 12 urami
This one is sponsored by xaomi, isn't it
Suwandi Sevenstar
Suwandi Sevenstar Pred 14 urami
Saya penonton Indonesia
Parag Devghare
Parag Devghare Pred 16 urami
That's very wrong with Samsung Note to been compared with Mi phones. For me there is no comparison.
Parag Devghare
Parag Devghare Pred 16 urami
Well explained. But this is not the great high-end phone, except it's cheaper. Though it feels great on paper but the user experience is very bad, on high-end Mi phones.
dan's collection
dan's collection Pred 18 urami
im hoping that i can get one 🙏❤️
Susan Lynn
Susan Lynn Pred 18 urami
Does it have sd expansion?
Tiago Barbosa
Tiago Barbosa Pred dnevom
If I didn’t like Apple so much I would actually buy everything Xiaomi
Shoykot Rahman
Shoykot Rahman Pred dnevom
Fastest rom?
Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl
Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl Pred dnevom
Itll slow within first quarter. Noooo
Seun Akoni
Seun Akoni Pred dnevom
name of the car racing game bn played first please
FishyBoi Pred dnevom
3:29 Look at the background WHY THE HELL IS THERE RICK ASTLY
lol hi
lol hi Pred dnevom
Why must you rickroll us at random times
Emanuel G
Emanuel G Pred dnevom
Did anyone see the Rick roll video playing on the xiaomi frame
Bright Diamond
Bright Diamond Pred dnevom
awsome review but why didn't you talk about front cam or selfies quality?
Pravina Mhatre
Pravina Mhatre Pred dnevom
Top In class flagship Smartphone World 1st Chipset #SND888 #Mi11
Ko Jack
Ko Jack Pred dnevom
S21 ultra is still better.
kadir varea
kadir varea Pred dnevom
tek eksıgı su geçirmesi.
Amiel Gibs
Amiel Gibs Pred dnevom
No charger?
Albert Rondina
Albert Rondina Pred dnevom
how can i have that things🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Albert Rondina
Albert Rondina Pred dnevom
im from Philippines 🇵🇭 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😊😊😊
Kumar Pred dnevom
Chinese are very good at finding their advertisers. Lol
Ubaidullah Ghanchi
Ubaidullah Ghanchi Pred dnevom
I watched you video 3 times and i love the phone but can’t afford one
Samet Işkın
Samet Işkın Pred dnevom
Boss ı have not a phone for pass my lessons
Ceci Fabio
Ceci Fabio Pred dnevom
Which is better the mi11 or iphone 11?
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters Pred dnevom
2021 and rick roll is still a thing
just buy
just buy Pred dnevom
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Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Pred dnevom
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Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Pred dnevom
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Adrianna Soto
Adrianna Soto Pred dnevom
sometimes i wounder why iphone is the most popular phone brand
Adrianna Soto
Adrianna Soto Pred dnevom
thats lowkey way better than an iphone lmao
Firoz A
Firoz A Pred 2 dnevi
Its more like a paid promotion
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone else feels mkbhd is overrated compared to mrwhosetheboss ,Dave lee and unbox therapy
And where can you get one from ?
Zahid the light of down
Zahid the light of down Pred 2 dnevi
If you want the beauty you gotta live with the beast (Arun) Lots of love ❤️ from Bangladesh!
Activegamer 86
Activegamer 86 Pred 2 dnevi
To every xiaomi user now it's possible to remove every ad from the phone u can even remove the installing process
Jose Vix Jayoma
Jose Vix Jayoma Pred 2 dnevi
3:24 left tv screen
Ice Ice
Ice Ice Pred 2 dnevi
The fat faulty fox operationally greet because tabletop progressively concern save a bumpy glider. plucky, hateful butcher
Adi Mahendra
Adi Mahendra Pred 2 dnevi
artgamer highlander
artgamer highlander Pred 2 dnevi
3:23 u rickrolled us~!
XrT_Quadzy Pred 2 dnevi
3:22 we got rickrolled boys cs nerds: mission failed
Me14 Gaming
Me14 Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
3:23 you guys just got realise (if you not notice)
Sanjit kumar Pattanayak
Sanjit kumar Pattanayak Pred 2 dnevi
Boaring boaring boaring 😂
Andrei Pred 2 dnevi
That chinese 9-9-6 work schedual kinda helps the price I think. Slaves are profitable
Muhammad Aslam
Muhammad Aslam Pred 2 dnevi
This man is brilliant I like his video always
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred 2 dnevi
3:23 on the left hand side at background, Get Rick rolled
Ryuujin Pred 2 dnevi
I really love watching reviews about phones that i cant afford
bloggerpotter96 Pred 2 dnevi
Been watching arun for three years now. Wondering if its only me getting older or arun getting younger
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred 2 dnevi
Why you rick roll us 3:25 JUST WHY Hey atleast youtube also got rickrolled so :)
AI RB Pred 2 dnevi
3:21 oh my god stop it Arun
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Pred 2 dnevi
Realme X3 Superzoom review PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ , only a few reviews have been made and they all aren't as good as yours SIR plzzzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Veronica Smith
Veronica Smith Pred 2 dnevi
I sincerely recommend HACKHUB8 on instagram who gain me access to my boyfriend private account without his consent
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson Pred 2 dnevi
Cant get one here in the united states though...
Legendarium Pred 2 dnevi
Hugo Felipe
Hugo Felipe Pred 2 dnevi
hey love your channel ,can you review the redmi note 9?
males Cowen
males Cowen Pred 2 dnevi
**I taught it wasn't possible till bobby-hack5 on recovered mine for me i recommend him for all thanks sir once again..**
males Cowen
males Cowen Pred 2 dnevi
**I taught it wasn't possible till bobby-hack5 on recovered mine for me i recommend him for all thanks sir once again..**
Kesturi 13
Kesturi 13 Pred 2 dnevi
Xiaomi Mi 11 VS Iphone 12 pro max?
loyd ala
loyd ala Pred 2 dnevi
Arun, good sir quick question does the Mi 11 uses the same 108 MP Samsung sensor that the Mi Note 10 series used ?
Tony's World
Tony's World Pred 2 dnevi
This no charger bullshit is fucking stupid I'm not buying a new one until they pull their heads out of their asses and start supplying it
ً Pred 2 dnevi
Lmao the rickroll
Dr. Gaz Matic
Dr. Gaz Matic Pred 2 dnevi
I remember my mi mix. I think I'm going back to xiaomi for my next phone. I miss the ir blaster
Nur Sliman
Nur Sliman Pred 3 dnevi
Xiaomi is rocking it.
Askky Pred 3 dnevi
apple remove jack, then all company did that ... apple remove the charger from the box and now all did the same !! WTFFFFFF is wrong with u ppl ???
Harry Pred 3 dnevi
Why you rick roll us 3:25 JUST WHY Hey atleast youtube also got rickrolled so :)
anurag banjare
anurag banjare Pred 3 dnevi
The catch is data sent to china
Hydro Link
Hydro Link Pred 3 dnevi
Who realised there is Rick astley in the left TV? lol
Ashbi-hmm Pred 3 dnevi
Holy shit...gonna save money for that
Shahryar Basith
Shahryar Basith Pred 3 dnevi
Thankfully, Xiaomi's bloatware can easily be removed with an ADB script. I've done it for my mi 8 a few times so there should be no problems whatsoever in that regard.
Pristin Varghese
Pristin Varghese Pred 3 dnevi
I always wonder who is behind his camera
Tibor Pred 3 dnevi
I really wish there is an option to change the look of MIUI to a "stock" android look.
Corey Draper
Corey Draper Pred 3 dnevi
Ok, I'm pretty sure they are tracking every phone and listening to every conversation!
van0tot100 Pred 3 dnevi
13:06 You cannot shake someones hand. It is illegal.
Darren Wolf
Darren Wolf Pred 3 dnevi
just needs a much better camera and can easily become a samsung / iphone killer
Itz moonlight LensaL VII
Itz moonlight LensaL VII Pred 3 dnevi
3:23 on the left hand side at background, Get Rick rolled
mat ldn
mat ldn Pred 3 dnevi
I just do not get it, no micro SD card slot. So no thanks.
Bryan AnimatesStuff
Bryan AnimatesStuff Pred 3 dnevi
Anyone else saw the rick Astley in the background
Avinash Pred 3 dnevi
That ACE was good
Jash Jain
Jash Jain Pred 3 dnevi
NYTROL Pred 3 dnevi
I gotta get that
Hamid 002
Hamid 002 Pred 3 dnevi
Even I didn't like the rounded Screen corners.
Kastjels'JinnHorror Pred 3 dnevi
*All the Propps on that Phone, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cost 650€ more!!!* *That tells me, that I pay even more on the name of "Samsung"!!!*
Seondal Pred 3 dnevi
Hello sir I'm from Philippines🇵🇭. I hope you will give me a secondhand phone even it's worth 100 dollar its a big blessings for me i dont have a decent phone bcs I'm only a working student , I can't afford a phone that have a quadcam like yours. I'm using a phone right now with android 7 software and it only have a 16gb internal storage and 2gb ram. I cant search normally for my studies bcs. It always freeezing. I hope you'll read my comment. God bless you sir. Iloveyou so much AND FULL SUPPORT FROM. PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 I HOPE YOU'LL GIVE ME A PHONE EVEN IT'S A SECOND
19 Adarsh Kandan Parthiban
19 Adarsh Kandan Parthiban Pred 3 dnevi
MechaMicro Pred 3 dnevi
You know the rule, and so do I. Say goodbye!
Rohinton Chinoy
Rohinton Chinoy Pred 3 dnevi
How hard is it to de-bloat it ?. Can I root it ?.
Crims 8
Crims 8 Pred 3 dnevi
never guna give
Maverick Axl
Maverick Axl Pred 4 dnevi
How many people are waiting for Biden to lift the ban on Huawei
Anthony pHung
Anthony pHung Pred 4 dnevi
The serious pilot informally reflect because gymnast fifthly communicate into a tiresome zipper. raspy, hideous high parallelogram
Xiaomi Mi 11: The New Normal!
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